What is Habitat for Humanity?

Habitat for Humanity International is a non-profit, volunteer organization that was founded in 1976 in Americus, Georgia by Millard and Linda Fuller.
Former President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady, Rosalynn Carter, are perhaps two of the better-known volunteers for Habitat. The goal of Habitat is to partner with low-income families to help them build or renovate their own homes. Since 1976, nearly 200,000 homes have been built in over 100 countries. These homes provide shelter for nearly 1 million people. Habitat for Humanity of Weber and Davis Counties is one of over 2100 affiliates of Habitat throughout the world.

Habitat homes are not fancy and generally contain no frills. Instead, they are simple, basic, decent, and affordable. Why are they so affordable? Habitat typically begins by purchasing very affordable property in modest-income neighborhoods, and much of the construction labor is donated by the partner families themselves and by other volunteers. As a result, we are able to sell the homes we build to our partner families at no-profit, and at a price that is often substantially lower than comparable homes. Partner families are also able to save thousands of dollars in conventional loan costs by buying their homes with interest-free loans provided by Habitat.

The HABITAT FOR HUMANITY INTERNATIONAL web site contains more information on Habitat’s history, mission, volunteer opportunities and contact information for other Habitat affiliates around the world.